New Kids Menu

Now school holidays are in full swing we know there are lots of bored and hungry kids running around so we’re thrilled to let you know we have your back with our new kids’ menu and activity book.

You’ll be pleased to know, this is not your average chicken nuggets and frozen chips you find everywhere you go. We’ve spruced it up for the little ones to keep them on their toes but we’ve also created meals which are nutritious and delicious to keep Mum and Dad happy too.

Kiddos can choose from one of four meals along with a drink and dessert for just $15, plus they get their very own super fun and cute activity book to keep them entertained while you sip on a vino and eat your dinner in peace. We open from 5pm so bring the kids for a mid-week meal and enjoy dinner in style.


Chicken Noodles, teriyaki chicken with broccoli and rice noodles

Meatballs & Spaghetti, beef meatballs, slow cooked in tomato and basil with spaghetti and parmesan

Fish & Chips, battered fish and hand-cut chips

Mac & Cheese, creamy baked macaroni and cheese


Shake (Chocolate, caramel or vanilla)

Soft Drink (Coke, diet coke, coke zero, or lemonade)

Juice (Pineapple, orange or apple juice)


Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry gelato with chocolate topping