At the Botanica Vaucluse, our philosophy centres around local, natural, Australian products both in our food and beverage offering.

Stroll through the garden, flourishing with flora and some of the very ingredients you’ll find on your plate as you take the first taste in our restaurant.

In our restaurant, you’ll find dishes carefully crafted to reflect the season, and ingredients showcasing the best Australia has to offer.

Growing up in the NSW Northern Rivers in the 1970s meant chef, Perry Hill, came of age in the heart of the Rainbow Region, and Australia’s, food revolution, making the exploration of food and creativity second nature to him.

“It’s always been a part of my character to challenge and question myself, in food and mind.” – Perry Hill

Hill’s personal mission is to discover and connect with ethical, local farmers, growers and suppliers, and as a result, carefully selected, organic ingredients are prevalent throughout the menus at The Botanica Vaucluse.