Synergie Skin

‘Clean Science’

The entire Synergie Skin range is supported by clinical data and completely free from potentially unsafe additives. They combine:

  • The strongest naturally-derived elements
  • High quality scientifically-formulated ingredients

To create effective, evidence-based, ethical products.


Clean and green cosmeceuticals, anti-ageing vitamins, revolutionary antioxidants and exquisite sensory plant extracts create a melting pot of organic botanical luxury.

The ultimate age-proofing skin solution that delivers real results.

Clean, green, transdermal and intensive.



Glowing Skin, Healthy Gut

Clean, natural, Australian-made quality products combining science and beauty.

Results driven Ingestible Beauty and Skin Science ranges with a holistic focus on natural ingredients, sustainable sourcing and skin and gut nutrition.

100% clean, 100% natural


Vegan | Cruelty Free | Natural |100% Australian

Harnessing the genius of Mother Nature, esst sanitising cream combines plant-based ingredients with medical grade antibacterial properties to formulate a game-changing skincare product.


GUINOT creates unique products and treatments enriched with active ingredients that are constantly on the cutting-edge of science and technology.

A pioneer in anti-ageing research, GUINOT continually discovers and uses active ingredients that are more effective, with spectacular results for youthful-looking skin.


Beautiful and clean Australian Native skincare.

KISUNA uses only the most active plant extracts that have been validated by research and whose purity is second to none.

Every ingredient selected for each individual product has a purpose and each product’s purpose is to improve and maintain beautiful, radiant and healthy-looking skin.

Cocoon Luxury

Ethical science and pure indulgence.

A toxic-free alternative, to effectively soothe, protect and rejuvenate the body’s skin on a cellular level, organically.

Using key Australian ingredients, botanical plant extracts, pure essential oils and premium local clays. Along with clinically proven anti-ageing super actives.

‘Seed to spa’

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For more information on our product ranges or if you would like to have a personal skin consultation from one of our therapists to determine which products are right for your skin, please contact the spa directly and a member of the team will be happy to help.