Caviar is Here

Here at The Botanica Vaucluse we are dedicated to offering our customers nothing but the best and we have the absolute pleasure to now be serving the exceptional and ultra-luxe N25 Caviar.


Served in very few restaurants in Australia this incredible caviar gets it’s name from the extraordinary origin that makes it so unique. Located at 25° north latitude in the mountains at over 2200 meters altitude, this location provides the cleanest air, purest spring water and optimal climate.


N25 Caviar is selected with precision and detail. Each fish is hand selected, the perfect salt level is tasted and determined, then the caviar that meets the quality standard is aged in Germany. With only 10% of the farm’s production going into this range the caviar is of outstanding quality.


During aging the caviar gradually develops complex and rich flavours. The unique ageing process gives N25 Caviar nutty and floral tastes on the palate with the right balance of saltiness, creaminess, and sea flavour, an umami experience with every spoon.


Caviar is not only a wonderful delicacy, but incredibly healthy and supports your immune system. With high levels of Omega-3 and various essential amino acids.

It is an honour to be able to serve this incredible product and we cannot wait for you to try!

Caviar N25 Kaluga, potato crisp, cultured cream

Bump | 35

30g | 180

50g | 350


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