Get glowing skin this Summer with our Skin Gym

Flawless, radiant skin takes work – boost your skincare routine with a series of boutique facial treatments at Sol Spa.

This Summer, we are offering an exclusive mid-week special to work your skin into it’s best possible condition.

Glowing skin is a constant battle against the forces of gravity, the sun, environment, and our hormones – it takes time and effort to balance everything out.

Regular facial treatments along with a consistent, carefully considered daily skincare routine, truly is the secret to achieving the results you desire.

Our Skin Gym boutique 45 minute facial treatments will include a cleansing steam, a deep clean, a product infusion, collagen-boosting massage and a hydration face mask and moisturiser.

Summer Skin Gym includes

3 x 45 minute facial treatments, valued at $300

with a free Synergie Skin Product Kit, valued at $130

for a total of $300, save $130


1 x 45 minute facial treatment, valued at $100

with 20% any Synergie Skin products

Available Tuesday – Friday, during Summer

Our facial treatments and product recommendations are completely tailored for you, our skincare specialists will take you through a thorough consultation prior to your first treatment.